How to create your coach or academy manager account

Coaches can apply for a coach manager account in order to manager their clubs members. 

First you will need to create a personal account. Then you can apply to have that account upgraded with coach manager access.

1. Create your personal account by clicking ”create account” from the start page. 

Send an email to and write:

- Hi, my name is: 
- I am coach for this Academy (ies): 
- I would like to have coach manager access for my account

Wait for a reply in your email that you have access as coach manager. Log in again to your account

2. Complete your profile settings and choose your club in the list.

3. Click on ”Account” and then choose ”Your account” and then  ”Coach manager” and choose your club

4. Choose the event you want to access and click on ”Register for event”.

5. From this view you have three options that you can use. 

Existing users: Choose from your fighters that already have created their account. 

New user: Create a new user from scratch. IMPORTANT! The email address needs to be unique and the person that will use the account must be able to access the email.

Pay all: If you want you can pay for all your fighters at once using the online payment solution offered by the organizer of the event.

6. Below this view you will see all the fighters that have registered for the actual event. If you need you can edit, cancel and pay for their registration.

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