How to use Academy or Coach Account

The coach is a user who has applied and been granted “coach access" to a specific club. Once they are given permission they will have a new menu called "Coach manager".

The coaches can register, edit and pay for their fighters if they have requested to become coach for the academy.  

Here are the step to follow to register fighters to an event.

1. Log in to your account and choose Coach manager.

2. Choose your club and then click “Register for a new event” button and choose the event that you wish to administer from the drop list.

3. When you want to add users that already have created a personal account use the first box called "Existing users” and start typing the name of your fighter, since it is autocomplete you will directly see if your fighter already have an account. If they don't have an account you can use the next box called “New user” and create a new user. 

4. Create new user: You will need a unique and working email address and a telephone number to your fighter which makes it possible for them to log on to the site in the future.

5. Pay all
Once you have registered all your fighter you can choose to "Pay all" if you are feeling generous :) 

Even if your fighters have logged in to the site and made their application themselves you will still see them in this view.

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